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...and keep the costs down.

These are difficult times for business in general, and for the music industry in particular. Long-serving employees suddenly find themselves made redundant, struggling companies go to the wall, and even the multinational majors find it necessary to lay off hundreds of members of staff and seek mergers in order to offset costs and stabilise their balance sheets. It's a jungle out there.

Increasingly, record labels are becoming reluctant to sign new artists before those artists have created some kind of a 'buzz' for themselves, either by releasing records independently or by an aggressive touring schedule, or by attracting press attention (not necessarily for their music).

If every cloud has a silver lining, then the upside of this particular depression is that there are now genuine opportunities for people with motivation and talent to start up their own business and take advantage of current market conditions. Historically, it has always been the small independent companies at the cutting edge; by their very size and structure, the big boys are unable to react as quickly as independents can.

Where do I start?

You first need to establish and recognise where your own talents and interests lie. For example (this isn't an exhaustive list), are you going to

  • Set up your own label?

  • Run your own publishing company?

  • Manage artists or producers?

  • Promote artists?

  • Plug records?

  • Promote live events?

  • Produce or direct videos?

  • Work in photography and artwork?

  • Create and maintain websites?

  • Provide tour management services?

  • Offer business services?

  • Run a digital/online business?

What then?

You need to decide whether you are going to go it alone, or team up with one or more other like-minded people in some form of joint venture. That's probably the point at which you realise that you need professional advice. Is your business going to be a sole trader? Or a partnership? Or a limited company? There isn't necessarily a standard answer. Everyone's circumstances are different.

How does it work and what will it cost?

We recognise that for many people money is tight, particularly when they are setting up a new business. For a fixed fee (either 'one-off' or periodic), to be agreed after determining your exact requirements during a free of charge initial consultation, we will

  • advise you on setting up your business

  • help you set up a limited company, if required

  • provide contracts regulating your internal legal relationship with any partners or colleagues (who may require separate independent advice)

  • provide your business with standard-form contracts for use in your dealings with others

  • explain how to go about obtaining ancillary services applicable to your business, e.g. manufacture, distribution, promotion, licensing, sub-publishing, registration, collection, etc.

  • provide telephone support during working hours to assist with any queries or problems you may encounter (periodic fee only)

  • assist with ongoing legal / contract / business matters (periodic fee only)

  • introduce you to other professionals whose services you might require

Call 020-7788 4333 or email us for further details and to see how we can help you start up your music industry business.

We do not provide advice on matters of accountancy, tax or financial services. We are happy to work with your own independent advisers in these areas, or to help you find the necessary outside expertise if required. The fixed fee arrangement does not include the costs of defending or instituting or dealing with any legal proceedings, litigation or similar procedures (we may decline instructions to act in litigation), nor disbursements such as registration and filing fees and other out-of-pocket costs and expenses incurred on your behalf with your approval. Representation is also subject to our general Terms of Business, available on request.